Actually, I thought of starting it right away!

But knowing a little about me won’t inflict you either – after all, you would need my name to either curse me at times you just hate my posts down to shit or to pat me when you think my posts make some sort of sense ;)

So as they all begin with – Hello, Welcome all. Naah, let’s break this so conventional rut.

Alright – now that you are here viewing my blog, I begin with a warm Vanakkam in my very own Tamizh way. Yes, you read that right.

Predominantly folks of our nation have been making it a ritual to call it ‘Tamil’ (ashamed a little to say that even my city people, atleast most of them still don’t pronounce it right – so either it is that, their minds don’t read proper or the tongues don’t spell well or it’s their so called style quotient). Well, see I already started talking amidst welcoming you ;)

So, to know me hit this link yeah this one –


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